15 Unusual Animals that you didn’t know were Real

1) Saiga Antelope                                     (1 of 15)

1) Saiga Antelope                                    (1 of 15)




The Saiga Antelope is one of the species that is near extinction. It was mainly found in the region of Mongolia and in some parts of North America. This unusual animal is not seen by many because it was hunted extensively during the 18th century, which is the reason that a few of them can be found in parts of Russia only.

This critically endangered species is considered unique due to its unusual, long, and flexible nose. Saigas move in herds and mainly roam in grasslands and desserts. They eat small plant species including the poisonous ones. There are approximately 50,000 Saigas in parts of Russia and Mongolia.

A greater number of Saigas were killed by poachers who sold their horns to the black market. Many believed that their horns had medicinal significance and could cure deadly illnesses.